The Munich Security Conference: Security after Snowden (24-25 Jan)

The Munich Security Conference: Security after Snowden (24-25 Jan)

Edward Snowden and his exposures is not discussed as much today as it was when revealed. However, the subject has not become any less important just because he’s not in the spotlight anymore. The Munich Security Conference (MSC) takes place in Munich every year, at the end of January or at the beginning of February. The Flaschenpost was able to report on the last conference in January 2014, directly from the Bayerischen Hof and they plan to cover it again in 2015.

There are other conferences that also focus on peaceful conflict solutions. These issue, not so much soothing statements, in which security is set in the foreground, but rather  positions that are not based exclusively in military and economic terms – even if these have penetrated increasingly into the view of the public consciousness nowadays through the violent conflict in the Ukraine. So the Pirate Party of Germany’s working group on Foreign Affairs and Security Politics is organising a conference, in the Münchner Ring Studios, about “Security after Snowden” 24-25 January. This conference puts our (the citizens) protection in the spotlight.

However, the Pirates will not only set the conference’s content as a counterpoint. There is no need for security cordons or police protection because discussions about security policy should be a direct dialogue with the people. There are no conversations behind closed doors.

The main focuses of the conference are:

  1. New security politics – challenges in the 21st century
  2. Terrorism – facts, myth and reality
  3. Critical infrastructure – How do we best protect it?

Apart from these three, any other political subject about security can find a place at the conference, even at short notice. The conference will tackle  the question, ‘how can security policy can be rethought  and be effectively implemented in the 21st century’. This needs to be done in a way that does not risk the basis of our society, a basis which should be retained and improved upon. Beside Angelika Beer (MP Schleswig – Holstein) there will be a row of international experts. The event is supported by the Pirates of Switzerland, Pirates of Luxembourg as well as many German State Pirate Parties.

The precise program and other details can be found on the conference website. Unfortunately, the number of the participants is limited. For the registration a small participation fee of 20 Euros is requested. The contact person for organizational questions is Alexander Kohler; the press spokesperson is Nadine Engelhart. The Flaschenpost (and the Pirate Times) will report directly from the event when it takes place.

Article by Jürgen  Stock translated from the Flachenpost

Jürgen StockMy understanding of politics is that it is to protect the weak against the powerful. Since powerful figures always take for themselves what they want. Politics is also, for me, partly an existential protection, because our children, for example, can not yet speak yet for themselves in many issues. We are responsible for their future and their wellbeing. This is why I engage myself in politics.



Featured image: CC BY-SA Flaschenpost