The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – January 2013

The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – January 2013

During the months of December and January the Pirate movement grew with 6.509 followers on Facebook and 6.815 followers on twitter. This brings the total amount of people following a pirate party on Facebook or twitter to 675.176 people. 

This post will deal with a gap of two months since I was too busy to update during Christmas time. The last post was about the change in November so this will count the change in December + January


On Facebook we can see a continued drop for Germany which was explained last time. The ‘Romania (ACTA)’ group is also dropping significantly, most likely because people feel the pirate party messages there are not why they signed up. Two parties in South America have seen a massive growth, Brazil with +1225 followers and Colombia with a massive +636 followers ( +34%) which means they have probably increased their activity there. Africa is also getting more attention with +717 followers in Tunisia and +978 followers in Morocco. Two of our newest pirate parties are quickly increasing their following with +602 in Iceland and +510 in Norway. Unfortunately we have also lost two accounts amassing over 3000 followers. Israel 1 was taken down after claims from Israel 2 about being “the real party” and Morocco 1 deleted their account due to lack of motivation.

pirate_movement facebook 2013 02 05


Despite a heavy loss in Facebook we see a continued strong growth in following for Germany (+826). Sweden also saw a massive growth of fans (+619) most likely after getting the giant boost on Facebook a few months back. United States seems to have gotten very active on twitter and increases with 391 followers (+36%). Mexico lost 4 followers and Morocco 1 lost 1582 followers when they deleted their account due to lack of motivation.



*Why only Facebook and Twitter? Why not Google+, or others? – Mostly because it’s hard to know what other social networks to include. Only doing Facebook and Twitter takes a lot of time, even though there are scripts to update followers. The same reasoning goes for federated services such as as well since it’s hard to gather useful statistics for them.

*Can I have access to the .csv file you used for these stats? – Right now only if you have a very good reason and a specific purpose for them. I am working on updating contact information for different Pirate Parties. The plan is to make everything accessible in a good format with continuous updates. Giving out the information freely at this stage would only result in several versions of the document being in circulation where some are badly updated and faulty.

*Why is country X not included? – Probably because I didn’t know about it or considered their activity as dead. Send me a message or comment on this post and it will be included for next month

*Why is there “Countryname 1” and “Countryname 2” for some countries? – Because of internal struggles in that country with two pirate parties both claiming to be the official one. I would rather not waste my time on determining which is legitimate and which not and therefore I add both statistics until it is cleared up.

*Isn’t the follower/population very biased? – As all statistics numbers are biased in some way. Just measuring number of followers are biased to bigger countries. The follower/population obviously gives the initial country (Sweden) a bonus as well as countries sharing the same language. This is still an important alternative measurement since it shows relative impact of the social media account.

*Why did you not include local party X who is bigger than some countries here? – This is supposed to measure international impact. The reason Catalonia and Galicia are measured separately is that they are quasi-autonomous regions, independent from Spain.

Featured image: Public Domain, CC0