The Pirate Party of Russia Refused Registration Again

The Pirate Party of Russia Refused Registration Again

The Russian Ministry of Justice had refused to register PPRU again. Why? You might ask. Well it is because “using in the name  the word “pirate” that allegedly does not conform to the party’s goals and objectives“ according to the Justice Ministry. The Russian Pirates see this decision as being politically motivated and a delaying tactic as the legal justification is riddled with errors and inconsistencies.

A year ago, President Medvedev announced political liberalization. Putin promised to create electronic petitions as part of an electronic direct democracy. But after a year there is no E-democracy and barely any democracy at all.

Pirate movement founder, Rick  Falkvinge, pointed out that the goals and objectives of the Pirate Party have long been understood by the general public and a similar issue was resolved in the Italian courts long ago.

The President of PPRU, Pavel Rassudov, is reported as saying, “Such decisions are taken at the highest level. The Justice Ministry is simply an executor of someone else’s ill will.” He also referred to other Russian parties whose names did not reflect their policies.

It would appear that the Russian authorities and their lobbyists regard the Pirate Party as enough of a threat to take the trouble to delay its registration as long as possible. The Russian Pirates are waiting for the decision to arrive by mail and then will be taking the matter to the courts.

The report on which this article is based can be found at the web site of PPRU

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