The Swedish Pirates say no to the EUDemocrats

The Swedish Pirates say no to the EUDemocrats

During the latest PP-EU conference, held in Paris, the Swedish PiratPartiet delegate Mattias Bjärnemalm explained the state of the negotiations between PP-SE and the Eurosceptic EUDemocrats (EUD – Alliance for a Europe of Democracies) and invited the other Pirate Parties to address their concerns regarding this issue.

Considering the answers they had received, the PP-SE’s board has decided to end these discussions, affirming its dissociation from Euroscepticism and its dedication to the cohesion between European Pirate Parties. This decision was announced by Mattias Bjärnemalm in the internal mailing list of the PP-EU, which is in the course of formation.

Dear Fellow Pirates,

As you hopefully are aware, Piratpartiet has at the last two conferences
asked for feedback on a proposal to make a strategic alliance with the
EU democrats (a small EU-sceptic political party) to form a European
political party this year so that we can benefit from EU funding
next year. Based on the verbal feedback from the last two
conferences, and the written feedback from the Pirate Parties of
Catalonia, France, Germany and Luxembourg, our board made the following
decision this weekend (my translation):

“Considering the concerns presented by our European sister parties and
striving for cohesion among the Pirate movement of Europe we the board
of the Swedish Pirate Party have decided to terminate the discussions
with EUD regarding the possibility to form a joint European political
party. This is done to avoid the European Pirate movement getting its
reputation smeared by being mistakenly confused for EU-sceptic

Feel free to pass this information along to other members of your
parties, and to people involved with EU-coordination not on this list.

Best regards


While this alliance could have brought funding from the EU to either PP-SE or PP-EU, this move from the Swedish board will certainly strengthen the bonds between the European Pirate Parties and is a good example of cooperation in strategic decision making at an  international level. After this decision, the next meetings of the PP-EU delegates will certainly be of a more common spirit.


Featured image: PPCZ CC-BY-SA