The two party system: an evil worse than a Clinton evil

The two party system: an evil worse than a Clinton evil

This is an opinionated guest post from Marianne Hoynes, activist and independent journalist. 


I am so shocked by my friends on Facebook who are adamant that Hillary Clinton is a better candidate than Donald Trump. We are poised on the very edge of the horror show that is the TTIP, which will harm not only the US but all of Europe. Hillary will do a Libya and a Syria to the rest of the non- Saudi Arab world. She will perpetuate poverty in the US, supporting her husbands disastrous ‘welfare reform’ and NAFTA. She is the darling of Wall Street and Monsanto. What are you thinking?

My friends, you are living under a blanket of false propaganda, that there is an evil worse than a Clinton evil. That we have a two party system. That votes in this country are actually counted. How can you stand for a candidate that will perpetuate the slaughter of innocents and the further destruction of not only our economy, but the economies of countries all over the world?

Don’t just take my word for it. LOOK, I mean really LOOK at her record. Talk to your international friends, because their press is not so censored, and they have more clarity because they do not live under the blanket of US propaganda.

This election will affect the global food supply as well as our own, global economies as well as our own, fracking and oil spills destroying our drinking water and the life blood of our animal co-inhabitants on this earth, world peace, the death of what’s left of our crumbling middle class, growing fascism. That is what you get with Hillary.

Yes, do vote. Why not? Vote for the candidate that stands for the needs of the people. Write in your choice. Vote Green. Vote Bernie, vote Stein. Send the message. And then exercise the last power that we the people have. BOYCOTT.

Bring the power structure to its knees. Yes, it will cause you some discomfort. Perhaps it will be a bit more work. But we will have a revolution with strong, peaceful acts like boycotting the corporations that have taken over the power structure, or we will have a bloody revolution which I can assure you will cause you greater discomfort, or we will live on our knees begging for the same crumbs, distracted by our iPhones, thinking we are getting a deal when the toxic fish or beef or tomatoes go on sale at the grocery store.

With all of this said, for those Americans like myself who could never vote for the likes of Hillary Clinton, I have watched state after state in this primary report voter fraud on the part of the democrats. After 120,000 registered, active voters had their voter registration information in just Bernie Sanders’ home town purged from the NY State computer system, one woman was selected as the sacrificial lamb, and fired from her job.

Ultimately there will be no true justice in this election for the disenfranchised on both sides of the aisle. We can only hope that with sheer will and determination, we can keep the most dangerous of our options out of the White House.

marianne hoynes

Marianne Hoynes is a second generation social activist, a health care lobbyist on Capitol Hill on behalf of patients and doctors, and an independent journalist and fine artist. She has written on many topics including Veterans for Peace, Occupy Wall Street, NDAA, Political prisoners like Jeremy Hammond and Chelsea Manning, and Icelandic politics.

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