Pirates Elected to Office [Pirate History]

Pirates Elected to Office [Pirate History]

When asked why he started a political party Rick Falkvinge answered “Because activism is not enough”. Since the formation of the first Pirate Party in Sweden in 2006 millions of votes have been cast and hundreds of Pirates have been elected. They are now representing their voters in local councils, national parliaments and the European Parliament.

Below is a list of Pirates who have, and still are, working for the people who voted for them in order to reform intellectual property, protect privacy, fight against surveillance, protect the internet and work for human rights. This list will be continuously updated on a separate page with new Elected Pirates. (There is also a list on the wiki site of Pirate Parties International).

Currently this list only includes supranational , national and state parliaments. Local bodies will be included shortly. If you notice any errors or omissions please let us know in comments or through social media.

Multinational Bodies

EU Parliament (Pirate Times report)


National Parliaments

Iceland Alþingi (Pirate Times report)

Czech Republic Senate (Pirate Times report)

  • Libor Michálek 20 October 2012  (Libor stood under a coalition platform)


State Parliaments

City Council Reykjavik (Pirate Times report)


Berlin 18 September 2011

North Rhine Westfalia (13 May 2012)

Saarland (25 March 2012)

Schleswig-Holstein (06 May 2012)


Featured image CC BY-SA Frank Bürger