Young Pirates of Europe Has Been Founded

Young Pirates of Europe Has Been Founded

Today the international organization Young Pirates of Europe (YPE) was founded by its eight founding members: the Young Pirates of Sweden, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Flanders, Norway and Belarus. The reason a European organization instead of an international one is because they are not aware of any youth organizations outside Europe (please comment if you know any) but also to receive funding from the European Parliament.

The main goal of YPE is to bring together European pirate youth organisations and their members, improving not only the coordination of their political work, but also supporting cultural and personal exchange. As a federation of youth organisations, education and personal development of young people as well as the exchange of ideas and support of each other is an equally important aim of YPE. YPE supports access to information and education, copyright reform and the protection of fundamental human rights.

The newly elected board of Young Pirates of Europe consists of: Julia Reda as chairperson (Germany), Paula Roth as treasurer (Sweden), Lukas Martini as secretary general (Germany), Paul Beret Toni as board member (France), Lotta Söderholm as board member (Finland), Sviatlana Yermakovich as board member (Belarus), Mikael Iresten as board member (Sweden), Joel Kortesaari as board member (Finland) and Jana Michailidu as board member (Czech Republic). The statutes of YPE mentions, amongst other things, how they will work together, how EPIC meetings will be held once a year and as a bonus how to properly pronounce YPE in different languages

  • Belarusian: Маладыя Піраты Еўропы (Maladiya Pirati Europi) (MPE)
  • Finnish: Euroopan Piraattinuoret (EPINU)
  • French: Jeunes Pirates Européens (JPE)
  • German: Junge Piraten Europa (JPE)
  • Luxembourgish: Jonk Piraten Europa (JPE)
  • Swedish: Ung Pirat Europa (UPE)


Featured image: CC BY-SA YPE

edit Aug 12: added Norway as founding member (missed in reporting because of late admission), changed Mikael Persson to Mikael Iresten because of a recent name change

edit Aug 15:
New Zealand has a youth organization.
 Sviatlana Yermakovich and Joel Kortesaari were only running for the board, never elected